What is NBN?

A mix of technologies such as fibre, fibre to the basement, wireless, and satellite are being installed all over the country region by region, with some parts already NBN ready. Eventually, it will replace the old copper infrastructure networks that we currently use for our home phone and broadband services.


How can NBN increase your connection speed?
Compare the speed. The NBN is a lot faster than ADSL. For example, if you purchased a 2.0GB HD movie to download, then the difference in download time would be around.








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NBN benefits for your business



NBN Access Types

The National Broadband Network comes in different forms depending on which area you’re located. We will let you know which type of NBN is available to you. The three types are NBN Fibre, NBN Fixed Wireless and NBN Satellite. Planet Tel currently only offers NBN Fibre and NBN Fixed Wireless.
The objective is to give as many people as possible access to faster internet and improved phone services sooner.





Sneak peek into how NBN works