There is an increasingly high demand from organisations with the need to supply their mobile workforce with dynamic business mobility services while company management seeks to maximise productivity benefits but without compromising information security and compliance.
Planet Tel can design a mobile solution tailored for different business requirements. We analyse specific voice & data patterns and coverage requirements when recommending devices and carriage whilst ensuring the overall solution is financially more competitive than the direct carriers.

Business users want:

  • To select their own mobile handsets, tablets & iPad devices
  • The ability to easily access company data and applications remotely
  • To not be limited due to coverage restrictions

We offer a range of tailored plans and options to ensure we cover all aspects of your business mobility fleet including:

  • Shared Business Fleets
  • Capped Plans
  • Unlimited Business Plans
  • Mobile Broadband Plans
  • Voice & Data International Roaming Plans

Mobile Device Management
As mobility devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming such an integral part of business. IT Teams are being challenged as staff are accessing more and more corporate data through their personal devices.
When staff are out of the office they are requesting more functionality from their devices and as a result it is harder to ensure corporate data remains secure and device management becomes extremely time consuming. Planet Tel Mobile Device Management provides a convenient portal from where you’re able to perform a wide range of administrative functions.

Features & Benefits
  • Increased management control
  • Group configuration of staff smartphones and tablets
  • Deploy business data and applications
  • Maintain and deploy security regulations on devices to safeguard corporate information such as instant security wipes.
  • Managed and hosted within Australia


Click here to view some of our standard rate plans, or alternatively give one of our Solutions Advocate a call to talk about a tailored solution for your business.

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