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Planet Tel offers a range of business grade telecommunications products and services to help our business customers. We are flexible with our solutions and endeavour to find the best type of solution to increase productivity and aim to decrease monthly costs.


Business grade voice product solutions to maximise the efficiency of your business, including fixed, inbound and IP telephony.

We offer PSTN and ISDN services on various networks to maximise the efficiency of your business communications and keep costs to a minimum.

Both ISDN2 and ISDN10/20/30 options can be delivered to your business and generally suited to dynamic multi-site environments with more than 10 employees per site.

This is specifically suited for those businesses with small sites or where an analogue service may be regulatory.

PBX in the Cloud, or Hosted PBX provides a cost effective PBX feature rich solution for businesses that need to replace their existing PABX, or deploy a new solution, perhaps over a new NBN service.

Buroserv Hosted Express solutions provide a low capital cost solution with remote diagnostics and troubleshooting that is easily managed to accommodate rapid changes in workforce numbers and staff deployment.

Hosted PBX extensions are not geographically tied, so they are perfect for offsite work, including remote offices and travelling staff.

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Inbound services are an excellent choice for primary advertising numbers for your business. Easy to remember national 13/1300 and 1800 numbers and also a range of international toll-free inbound services can be provided. Callers can call your inbound service free of charge or at a flat local call rate regardless of where your business is located. There are various call routing options such as caller location, time of call or specific answer points.

IP Telephony doesn’t involve expensive equipment or excessive capital expenditure. Dependent on your requirements, we offer pre-packaged end to end solutions through to fully customised and configured solutions.

IP Telephony is the method of using SIP trunk technology connected to your dedicated data network to support business quality voice calls.

Operation and management of your telephony systems can become simplified and provide benefits such as:

•  Real-time administration for system managers

•  Intuitive, desktop-based control for users

•  Seamless flexibility for mobile and remote users

Our IP Telephony solutions are delivered via the Planet Tel IP network, an enterprise grade network with 99.99% availability. We use Quality of Service prioritisation and management of voice quality so you have the reassurance of business-grade voice quality and reliability. Furthermore with disaster recovery options, a much greater service of continuity is available compared to traditional telephony.

» Scalability

» Utilisation of existing equipment and hardware

» Financial Savings

» Quality of Service

» Business Continuity

Click here to view some of our standard rate plans, or alternatively give one of our Solutions Advocate a call to talk about a tailored solution for your business.