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Planet Tel offers a range of business grade telecommunications products and services to help our business customers. We are flexible with our solutions and endeavour to find the best type of solution to increase productivity and aim to decrease monthly costs.


Offering a range of cloud solutions that can be specifically designed to meet business requirements, allowing business to keep up to date with technology and software updates.

Planet Tel’s Unified Communication solutions allow your business to conduct meetings 24×7 with clients and staff anywhere globally with the highest security and reliability.

With the functionality of Unified Communications, your staff can decrease the frequency of travel and improve their efficiency to work. Our Unified Communication integrates voice, web and desktop video conferencing to one simple platform where participants can be highly interactive.

Business relationships and responsive customer service are key drivers which define a company’s reputation and therefore your teams need to be readily accessible to your customers and have the ability to retrieve information on demand.

Planet Tel delivers a variety of services from traditional telephony to complex telephony systems and conferencing. With our managed collaboration services we can enable both voice and data services on the simultaneous network which will allow integration with seamless unified communications.

From a business perspective, single downtime events can potentially impact the profitability and in extreme cases, the viability of an organisation. It is here where Planet Tel’s expert engineers and consultants can develop and deploy disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure operations continue in difficult circumstances.

Planet Tel continuity and recovery plans cover:

  • How long can your business afford to be offline?
  • Assessments of potential causes of risk
  • What is the recovery plan?
  • Solution design and deployment
  • Testing against compliance

Planet Tel’s flexibility allows your business to utilise a range of Cloud solutions that can be specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Hybrid Cloud : Maintain your current infrastructure and access the Cloud for flexibility whilst taking advantage of full control, access and management of your resources and servers directly.

Private Cloud : Remove expensive and constant maintainable on-site infrastructure by using Cloud technology.
Software-as-a-Service: Software hosted in the Cloud and monitored 24/7 with automatic updates

Backup and Disaster Recovery : Our backup solutions ensure your data is immediately accessible in any situation. The ultimate protection for your business.

Our selection of cost effective Cloud solutions can prevent unnecessary capital investment and reduce the need to purchase additional in-house infrastructure and technology. Our reliable networks and progressive products mean you won’t be investing in outdated technology. With Cloud, you will always have the most up to date technologies and software updates.