What is the difference between dealing with Planet Tel and directly with a carrier?

The main difference is that your services shift from a retail platform to a wholesale platform which Planet Tel will manage. Key benefits are first-class customer service, carrier-diversity network solutions and flexibility.

Can Planet Tel consolidate services from numerous different service providers?

Planet Tel provides carrier-diverse network solutions that can be designed and consolidated into a one bill solution. Various billing options such as cost-centre billing, call-itemisation and/or service summaries can be selected.

Will all the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) be the same as the Tier 1 carriers?

Planet Tel is a Tier 2 service provider, all our products and services are supported with carrier-grade Service Level Agreements.

Does Planet Tel integrate with all telecommunication hardware systems?

Planet Tel has experience in integrating with all telephony hardware systems and therefore all existing equipment or hardware can be utilised.

Will Planet Tel provide the Project Management of service delivery and configuration or will I need to involve my IT Consultants?

As part of our service delivery, we offer a Managed Solution, focused on ensuring that all components from designing the solution to provisioning and implementation are delivered efficiently and effectively.

Can Planet Tel provide a mobility fleet of both Optus & Telstra network services?

Through our network aggregation abilities and our sophisticated billing platform Planet Tel can provide carrier-grade network options and consolidation onto the same solution, billing platform and one point of contact.

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